Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NHS wins coolest health care system award.

I've been writing or rather, trying to write a paper on the politics of health care provision. In so doing I've come across this great video by the NHS on the 'essential use of condom wear'. Titled 'beer goggles', the message I'm getting is that too much alcohol blurs your vision, thus leading to casual sex with unattractive women... thus one should use condoms just in case this leads to undesirable genetics? You know, the more I blog, the more I realize how viral ads might not actually be the best form of conveying a message as I anticipated it to be, in terms of message richness and 'readability' in corp comms talkspeak. Here's the fun ad! I'm not sure why it struck me as bizarre but it might have been the facial acrobatics the fat lady is attempting.

Admittedly this ad does add value to NHS nonetheless! Apart from disparaging its distribution system (my money=bum on the bench's medical benefits), it makes me think of it more fondly. Naturally this is no comparison at all to the MOH's advertising methods... wait, are there any?

By the way ripping off the Youtube embed link for an SWF video upload into blogger is way more efficient- and I must say, smarter, than copying it into Photobucket or Google pages (that by the way is pretty much defunct) that I'm-all-that techies have been writing about all over the Internet. Yes, I am shamelessly showcasing my indubitable talent for amateur blogging, so sue me.

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