Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Internet keeps churning out weirder and weirder stuff. At the rate I'm finding stuff like this, I'm starting to worry more and more about the global state of the normalcy.

Either I am utterly incompetent at identifying state-of-the-art footwear that I ought to be willing to sell my life for, or this is just... YUCK. Via Jak&Jill

In my search for the latest trends, this is what I find. I repeat... WORRYING.

Via Style and Movement

Is Ugly the new Beautiful? Somewhat unsurprisingly, there's a burgeoning industry for Ugly Models. Check it out if you need some pocket money.

The following post is dedicated to J, who I know will appreciate it best. Although I also hope it will not inspire an experiment in her maternal future.

And this is just hilarious. 1) BAD PARENTING! Ever heard of a potty? 2) What's this doing on the Internet when said bad parent should be hauling the kid out instead of snapping this kodak moment? 3) I hope nobody tried flushing. Via Dave's Daily

Friday, February 20, 2009


This is bizarre. My blog's blanked on me!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yetis and microwaves

What is up with people and shaving?

Get some action here at Shave My Yeti!

No, I do not google 'shaving' on a regular basis. I don't have to find them- they find me!

And here's a semi rip-off of Mythbusters. Ever wonder what happens if you microwave ketchup packets? Or a football? They show you!

Don't try it at home.


Night-time hunger inspired the virtual hunt for some vicarious satisfaction. As usual, online expeditions are hardly ever predictable, as I found This Is Why You're Fat.

This is some extreme food blogging goin' on!

Meet the Hamdog and the Brick of Cheese

The Waffle Couch and the Mega Double Stuffed Oreo.

Now, I normally have a pretty high tolerance for gross food. Instead of nauseating me, Super Size Me made me crave McDonald's. Unlike typical Singaporean Twiggy extremists, I embrace the latest Mega Mac additions to the menu. Those cheapskates really should have 50 instead of 20-piece nugget sets! Even when I'm full, I consider finishing a Carl's Jr burger my sacred duty. Buffets? Hallelujah! But I have met my match. This is gross.

There's no aesthetic beauty to it! There is such a thing as quantity-control. And (I can't believe I'm saying this, oh sacrilege!) but that is just way too much cheese.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ads these days!!!

For the uninitiated, the above is an ad by Durex. It contains three delightful bunnies painted in orange, blue and sweet pink, doing it like they do it on the discovery channel. Well, in slightly more variation perhaps.

Being cute, entertaining and potentially sexual fodder for the disturbed isn't what the video's all about. It's yet another safe sex-ed ad on essential condom use. Unfortunately, its meaning didn't really sink in till I read the explanatory text that came after. And that was only until I distributed the video, laughed about it, watched it again, laughed at it again, then scrolled down to the considerably less charming chunk of a paragraph below.

Recently, discussions have been broached on the efficacy of Social Media in message communication. This case study proves that desired cogency is hardly always the end result. And isn't it sad that some people are just too stupid to understand the importance of contraception?

On a lighter note, aren't sexverts great?

Check out a Trojan ad and where it all began. In the '70s.

Harsh, much?

Finding a suitable present for someone is often a great bane. This is usually the case when you're looking for something for a favourite person, where it has to be just perfect. But what about that one person you dislike and just needs to know? Inventorspot has the ideal solution!

"Ever been so mad at someone that not giving them a gift seems to be an understatement? They might just think you forgot or couldn't afford to get them something. No, nothing says you intentionally left them out like the gift of nothing. Show them exactly how much they mean to you, give them the gift of nothing." - Inventorspot

While most of us would probably not bother at all, this is for the person who really needs to get the point across. Truly, an effective form of communication!

Get one here!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

World Wide Rave, Newton Singapore

Cheryl and I took part in a World Wide Rave, a viral marketing tool that's being used by David Meerman Scott to generate global online buzz for his new book, also entitled World Wide Rave. Read more about it here!

In keeping with Singapore's famous tastebuds, we decided to bring the WWR poster to Singapore's most popular food haunt, Newton Food Centre, famed far and wide for its smorgasmic food and notorious for its tourist-poaching stall owners.

As this week marks the 15 days of Chinese New Year, our visit to Newton FC didn't just assault us with the overwhelming fragrance of local fare but also pretty much destroyed our eardrums with the loud clanging and banging of a Lion Dance troupe that gallivanted among bemused locals and enraptured tourists. Although the lion was much too frisky for us to photograph, we were able to pounce on the stately god who presided over the glorious event.

As we shoved our way through the crowds searching furtively for an empty table that wasn't 'choped' (reserved) by a pack of tissue paper, we ran into flaxen-haired Prof Menkhoff, resident professor at our beloved SMU, with a table laden heavy with local hawker fare and Tiger beer. This is testament to the nature of Singapore, where you're bound to meet familiar faces wherever you go, especially where food can be found.

After a long and tiring sojourn amidst squabbling children, pesky stall owners and vicious, shoving table-hunters, we fell upon a vacated table that sat squarely in front of one of our favourite stalls, where we posed gleefully with the 'aunty' who runs her seafood stall with an iron fist and magnificent beehive, where both known and unknown creatures reside.

We set out with the intention of grabbing a single all-encompassing photo, and returned with an entire storyboard of events! We hope this project-turned-food-adventure illustrates the hotpot of culture Singapore's so proud of.

Credits to Trina for the photos!

Friday, February 6, 2009

So wrong it's right?

I generally adore fashion that is markedly unique, but where's this hoof rage coming from? I mean, really?

Photo credits: Wornthrough and Jak&Jill

Call me old-fashioned but I'll stick to my Louboutins (when I can afford them). This is way too fierce for me.

Edit 12.02.09:

They really are taking over the world!

Just when you thought you'd seen it all

The Star reports:

A 16-year-old student went to a job interview instead of the hospital after he and a schoolmate were stabbed yesterday.

With the economic crisis and all, that's a novel way of impressing your future employer.

Either that or with these!

Model-actress (don't know what kind of actress- don't really want to know!) Sheyla Hershey wasn't satisfied after 8 surgeries and 1 gallon of silicone.

Her British ex-boyfriend started paying for her plastic surgery, but she left him after he begged her to stop.

She said: “I loved him very much but I had to leave him to follow my dream.”

Her dream? 38KKK record-breaking boobs. Don't we all feel inadequate now? Or perhaps 'frightened' would fit the bill a bit better.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not for the faint-hearted.

Japanese culture has always been of personal interest, with its beginnings in popular fiction by authors such as Natsuo Kirino and Ryu Murakami. They tend towards darker plotlines that explore the taboo and sometimes even the grotesque. Disturbing, perhaps. But forbidden fruit is often the most exciting to plant your teeth into. Plus, my penchant for the odd and bizarre genre doesn't help.

It was of great interest then, when a recent Freudian-inspired discussion on creativity and sexuality eventually and inevitably led a group of us towards Japanese culture and the supposedly repressed - or I should say 'suppressed', sexuality of its majority population that may explain its explosion of 'sexual creativity'.

Have you heard of the Love Machine? No, it isn't the hit disco song of the '80s you might hear at Mambo Night. It really is a thinly veiled name for used panty vending machines, preferably schoolgirls', as such:

Apparently, these Love Machines were the talk of the town some time ago, the incredulity and outrageous nature of it causing people to question the truth of the matter. Naturally, this inspired investigations that were voraciously blogged, digged and youtubed where it was discovered that they do indeed exist despite the public outcry it generated upon its onset. This should come as no surprise, however, due to the 'bura-sera' industry that Japan's sex industry thrives on, which refers to the 'specific male fascination relating to that country's schoolgirls', otherwise known by the rest of the world as the Lolita Complex or plain old panty fetishism. 'Bura-sera' however, is moreso prevelant in Japan due to its deep-seated traditions where the female gender holds less regard than the superior male, being seen more as sex toys than anything else.

Will the Japanese government ever succeed in banning these vending machines? In a country that subscribes so unwaveringly in pornography and is purported to have a 'shadow economy' booming on sex and drugs, is this truly likely? I personally believe that the phenomenon of supply and demand will prevail. Nevertheless, this is some web fodder for the voyeur who thrives on my little succulent tidbits of nothing, really.

Finish your greens!

Refinery29: Green Day -- organic, clothing, organic, fashion, eco-design, eco-friendly, clothing

Two of my favourites, Lykke Li and eco-friendly fashion labels. Who says being eco-friendly can't go hand in hand with being fashion-forward - wasn't the first sliver of lingerie a leaf?

The label's into tie-dye as part of its go-green mission. “To make the grey dye, she’s using sumac leaves, iris root, and boiled carob.” Apart from that all other fabrics are organic and/or recycled.
Bodkin by the amazing Samantha Pleet and Eviana Hartman who are interviewed here.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shave me, mama!

I remember when we had dolls that could eat off their toy spoons, and those that had removable make-up and so on - thrilling stuff. But this is... new. A manufactured doll from China that has 'You can shave the baby' on its box cover. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, although confused would probably fit best. Is this an educational tool for embarrassed parents, whose children have reached puberty? 'Hey boy, this is you in 1 year. Watch and learn.' Apart from that, isn't it potentially MESSY? There are so many other potential hazards forming in my head right now but let's just leave it at that.

Edit: Oh Good Lord! I found more!

Upon further research, it's been realized that it's actually a modern art piece. That's quite a relief but I hardly dare ponder what the artist's inspiration could have been.

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