Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ads these days!!!

For the uninitiated, the above is an ad by Durex. It contains three delightful bunnies painted in orange, blue and sweet pink, doing it like they do it on the discovery channel. Well, in slightly more variation perhaps.

Being cute, entertaining and potentially sexual fodder for the disturbed isn't what the video's all about. It's yet another safe sex-ed ad on essential condom use. Unfortunately, its meaning didn't really sink in till I read the explanatory text that came after. And that was only until I distributed the video, laughed about it, watched it again, laughed at it again, then scrolled down to the considerably less charming chunk of a paragraph below.

Recently, discussions have been broached on the efficacy of Social Media in message communication. This case study proves that desired cogency is hardly always the end result. And isn't it sad that some people are just too stupid to understand the importance of contraception?

On a lighter note, aren't sexverts great?

Check out a Trojan ad and where it all began. In the '70s.



  2. Thanks! I liked how frank it was. Though I figured belatedly that they probably created a more liberal ad to appeal to the more liberal crowd to gain greater responsiveness. Too bad it was censored- would have liked to see how successful it would have been!

  3. love the ad! durex has some pretty good ads, i think i told you about the print ad that had once? about the girl who sits on one of those pillar looking things that you see on the road, while waiting for the traffic light?


  4. no i don't remember that! too bad this ad was censored though. i think y&r did a durex ad - not sure if this one's done by durex's marketing team or if it was outposted hmm

  5. i still think that these look more like dogs than rabbits!



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