Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Internet keeps churning out weirder and weirder stuff. At the rate I'm finding stuff like this, I'm starting to worry more and more about the global state of the normalcy.

Either I am utterly incompetent at identifying state-of-the-art footwear that I ought to be willing to sell my life for, or this is just... YUCK. Via Jak&Jill

In my search for the latest trends, this is what I find. I repeat... WORRYING.

Via Style and Movement

Is Ugly the new Beautiful? Somewhat unsurprisingly, there's a burgeoning industry for Ugly Models. Check it out if you need some pocket money.

The following post is dedicated to J, who I know will appreciate it best. Although I also hope it will not inspire an experiment in her maternal future.

And this is just hilarious. 1) BAD PARENTING! Ever heard of a potty? 2) What's this doing on the Internet when said bad parent should be hauling the kid out instead of snapping this kodak moment? 3) I hope nobody tried flushing. Via Dave's Daily


  1. i actually like that pair of heels from jak&jill!
    i think its beautiful!

  2. hahah that means i really don't appreciate high fashion!!

  3. kid in toilet picture... i know you are trying to make a point about the bad parenting bit. however i KNOW THAT you were laughing at the screen when u saw it, and i am pretty sure that if you saw it in real life u would be rolling around on the floor with laughter!

  4. p.s. ugly is still ugly! thin does not mean pretty and fat does not mean ugly. JUST BE HEALTHY!

  5. Probably wouldn't be rofling but yes I must admit I did chuckle. It's good to see the funny side in everything right?



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