Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finish your greens!

Refinery29: Green Day -- organic, clothing, organic, fashion, eco-design, eco-friendly, clothing

Two of my favourites, Lykke Li and eco-friendly fashion labels. Who says being eco-friendly can't go hand in hand with being fashion-forward - wasn't the first sliver of lingerie a leaf?

The label's into tie-dye as part of its go-green mission. “To make the grey dye, she’s using sumac leaves, iris root, and boiled carob.” Apart from that all other fabrics are organic and/or recycled.
Bodkin by the amazing Samantha Pleet and Eviana Hartman who are interviewed here.

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  1. cool! i like lykke li too, never knew she is eco-friendly though!

  2. yeah i like her too! i was actually googling her and found the article haha

  3. eco friendly check out shoe brand terra planna... (think thats how u spell it) all there footwear is made from recycled materials.

  4. I found an amazing shop in San Luis Obispo that has everything bamboo, the best selection of bamboo clothing anywhere. So cool! Really nice website too -



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