Thursday, February 19, 2009


Night-time hunger inspired the virtual hunt for some vicarious satisfaction. As usual, online expeditions are hardly ever predictable, as I found This Is Why You're Fat.

This is some extreme food blogging goin' on!

Meet the Hamdog and the Brick of Cheese

The Waffle Couch and the Mega Double Stuffed Oreo.

Now, I normally have a pretty high tolerance for gross food. Instead of nauseating me, Super Size Me made me crave McDonald's. Unlike typical Singaporean Twiggy extremists, I embrace the latest Mega Mac additions to the menu. Those cheapskates really should have 50 instead of 20-piece nugget sets! Even when I'm full, I consider finishing a Carl's Jr burger my sacred duty. Buffets? Hallelujah! But I have met my match. This is gross.

There's no aesthetic beauty to it! There is such a thing as quantity-control. And (I can't believe I'm saying this, oh sacrilege!) but that is just way too much cheese.


  1. i can never say no to a whole load of food man.i mean i will be very contented with a 7/10 quality dish, thats paired with MEGA quantity portion


  2. actually not all the food on that website is gross there's a hotdog covered with mac and cheese yummy

  3. yeah but those that are gross are quite gross!! eh but i think mac and cheese is quite enough already i don't think i could take a hotdog on top of that!

    and amos you're different la you eat like 10x more than a normal person!

  4. only in america will you find shit like this!

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