Friday, February 6, 2009

Just when you thought you'd seen it all

The Star reports:

A 16-year-old student went to a job interview instead of the hospital after he and a schoolmate were stabbed yesterday.

With the economic crisis and all, that's a novel way of impressing your future employer.

Either that or with these!

Model-actress (don't know what kind of actress- don't really want to know!) Sheyla Hershey wasn't satisfied after 8 surgeries and 1 gallon of silicone.

Her British ex-boyfriend started paying for her plastic surgery, but she left him after he begged her to stop.

She said: “I loved him very much but I had to leave him to follow my dream.”

Her dream? 38KKK record-breaking boobs. Don't we all feel inadequate now? Or perhaps 'frightened' would fit the bill a bit better.


  1. should have spent the money on facial surgery, UGLY IS UGLY unless it is FUGLY, and she is simply fugly with big boobs! HA

  2. this is disturbing.

    frm copenhagen

  3. hahah.. its gross. Too much money to spend man!



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