Friday, March 13, 2009


Advertising tools of today: the dead, or the KAWAII!!!

Apparently advertisers are sick of sex scandals, druggies and wifebeaters (i.e. Chris Brown) tarnishing their ad campaigns, and have decided to turn to the dead. After all, “You’re not going to catch Elvis in a sex scandal, or Albert Einstein’s not going to hit his girlfriend.” -Trendhunter

In my opinion, however, that might not work so well with everyone- as Anna Nicole Smith exemplifies.

A safer bet would be the KAWAII. It's been found that people turn to The Cute during hard times. This phenomenon has also been digitalized through the Internet, as the increasing number of websites like Cute Overload have evidenced. Check out this tv ad and the Michelin Baby:

From Trendhunter

I genuinely think he looks way more appealing that that freaky tyre dude they usually employ. Although is that a 'he'? Hmmm. Well, you can't go wrong with fat babies and rodents/household pets I guess.


  1. think i saw the chubby baby somewhere before, but honestly i think the samsung ad simply brings the profile of the company down. it is the 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.. i dont think it needs to resort to these cheap thrills.

  2. I think it might have to do with it's appeal to the Asian market where cuteness has a niche audience. But yeah Samsung might've harmed it's image in the process of trying to gain public appeal.



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