Friday, March 13, 2009

Vamp it down!

First there was Dracula, then there was Buffy the sexy vampire. I vaguely remember reading Christopher Pike's series, The Last Vampire, in between- slightly sordid and disturbingly salacious children's fiction that I gobbled up with naughty pubescent curiosity. Then came the unstoppable proliferation of vampires from movies like Blade to recent tv series True Blood, and then Twilight came along. The books are shit, the movie's average, and now it's just become plain obnoxious as it takes over jewellery lines and fashion shows with comicon-lookalikes, turning fashion shows into total bloodbaths.

Picture credits: Trendhunter


  1. This is one for all those GOTH FREAKS out there.. enjoy and then continue to contemplate killing oneself.

  2. Yes this is one post I hope none of my high-fashion-appreciative friends appreciate! Freaky stuff.



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