Monday, March 23, 2009

Two scoops please!

Am flailing in an essay cesspool, so I decided to go looking for an e-pick-me-up by researching something that is representative of all things beautiful. Ice Cream! Except that throwing in 'weird' before the phrase kind of skews thing a little.

Photo Credit: Who Sucks

The Japs have come up with ice-cream in Fish, Octopus, Squid and Ox Tongue flavours (including horsemeat and many more). How about that to whet your tastebuds?


  1. maybe they find our durian icecream and tehtarik equally weird!!!
    garlic icecream sounds quite weird. tho i havent tried


  2. b: i love garlic but there's a limit! you just made me crave garlic bread :((( btw i don't think i'd like durian and teh tarik ice cream no matter how much i like them in their NORMAL forms!

  3. BARF! VOM! uuuuurrrrrggggghhhhh....... FISH ICECREAM!

  4. as if fish wasn't bad enough as it was!



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