Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tech tip for the freak

I've always hated the 'man vs. machine' theme that began with 1984, and 'man = machine' doesn't sit well with me either.

Recently Jerry Jalava from Finland lost a finger in an accident. Being a computer programmer I guess he was being opportunistic when he replaced it with an prosthetic finger that had a USB drive attached. He 'uses the 2GB memory stick, accessed by peeling back the "nail", to store photos, movies and programmes'. While that might make most SMU students drool, it really does not turn me on!

Read more about the 'finger drive' here.


  1. does this mean that the guy's finger is attached to the usb port in his PC/laptop? that mean that he would have to type single handily. or does it mean that he would have to detach his prosthetic finger? either way it STUPID! hahaha makes no sense and i bet the guy thinks that it is brilliant... what a moron!

  2. i think he would detach it? i guess it's just a HANDy way of carrying around hahahhah good pun, me!



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